What’s it ?

WinPLOSION offers a quick way of getting to the window you would like when you’ve got several programs running by showing an exploded view of windows that are positioned in your desktop to you.

Just make use of a keyboard short-cut, or move the mouse into among desktop computer corners (display hotspots), and WinPLOSION reveals all opened windows on a single display. Click on a window that is desirable also it’s activated prepared to be used.

WinPLOSION additionally enables minimizing all open windows, and showing only the windows running the present active application, making a clear background.

winplosion demo

Fast beginning

The program runs. Its icon will show up in the system tray which is able to really go:

  • Click the icon in the system tray to show the setup window. This may be used to customise the keyboard-short cuts, the display hotspots as well as the cartoon settings to match your preferences.
  • Right click the icon enables to choose ‘Beginning‘, when your pc starts, so that WinPLOSION will be activated.
  • Move mouse to the Bottom, or press Win 1 -Left corner of background, to show all windows

Supported systems

It functions best with XP. WinPLOSION will work in Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP.

Note: That is due to using system memory as an alternative to using the memory of videocard. Known Restrictions
There are known problems which could occasionally happen:

In Revealing Window Screen delay

On slower computers there might be a brief delay ahead of the pictures are shown, especially when there is a lot of windows that are open after pressing the keyboard shortcut. This can be a restriction due to the amount of time needed to ready the pictures to show.
Windows doesn’t be supported by present variation of WinPLOSION like winamp 3 MediaPlayer 10 and other applications, with nonrectangle form. But, we’re working on this of course and an upgrade because of this issue needs to be around shortly.


It’s recommended that on machines that were slower the cartoon needs to be turned off. Left click to the WinPLOSION icon and uncheck “Show Cartoon” in the setup window.
If you are having issues with it and are utilizing animation, try and establish the speed to slow in the setup window.

On Win XP systems it is possible to save lots of memory by assessing “Do Not save screenshots in memory.
For those who really have an old videocard, it is possible to try and make use of “Alternate capture process”.