3 Cups Game


Problems sending sysinfo to WinPLOSION.

Virus warning

All these are false positives, our programs aren’t trojaned. We’re attempting to solve this, yet our chances here are limited. We attempted to contact Norton etc. but they appear not to be capable to react, sadly… Please forward this problem to them and cause them to become conscious of the alarm that is bogus.

Trouble with activation

The sole conceivable basis for activation-issues is a proxy or a firewall.

High CPU-utilization

Several users reported high CPU-utilization (up to 50%). This never due to our applications and is not ordinary. We had a couple of instances during the previous couple of months and high cpu-utilization was consistently due to other programs interfering with our own merchandise with gaming news. There are users -utilization when minimizing windows. Please recall that high cpu-utilization isn’t caused by our personal merchandise. You’re running and analyze again before contacting us begin shutting down other programs. That is likely not painless but the sole method to determine which applications is causing troubles. You’ll see, it Won’t be our merchandise :)